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Tour Types
Scenic Tour of St. Thomas

A.  Scintillating Scenic Tour in St. Thomas


Duration: 3 hours

Fee:  $35.00 per person

Imagine a place where you can visit the highest point on St. Thomas and indulge in duty-free shopping and local eateries! We travel all the way to Mountain Top, 1547 ft above sea-level, for some of the most awesome views ever seen and the delicious, world famous banana daiquiri.  Then we will hit the road and travel south to Main Street (duty-free shopping),  stopping along the way at some most extraordinary sites such as Paradise Point and Beacon’s Point. Kongen’s Quarter and Government House are also on our long list of popular hot spots we will visit during this tour.  Your Certified Tour Guide is trained to provide you with accurate historical and significant information to include architecture, culture, customs, plants and flowers.

B.  History, Culture, & Art Tour in St. Thomas


Duration: 3 hours

Fee:  $25.00 per person

St. Thomas is overflowing with history, culture, art, and seductive local cuisine.  This tour will enrich your knowledge of our famous historical sites of interest.  Join us and visit the oldest church on the island, Frederick Lutheran Church!  We will also tour Emancipation Gardens; Camille Pissarro Gallery; Jewish Synagogue; Frenchtown and Villa Olga; Villa Santana; Market Square, and the oldest bank in St. Thomas.


Your Certified Tour Guide will enlighten you about major parks, beaches including sites for snorkeling and diving, marinas and ports names, area hotels and restaurants, museums, University of the Virgin Islands campus locations, airports and seaplane locations, significance of carnival, local fruits, fish and drinks, names and dates of major hurricanes and other significant and interesting facts.

C.  Historic Walking Tour in St. Thomas

Duration: 2- 2 1/2  hours
Fee: $25 per person
Come along and join us as we drive/walk to major historical sites on St. Thomas, USVI. This lively and very informative Historical Walking Tour includes highlights of St. Thomas' unique points of interest.  We will begin our tour at the distinctive Emancipation Gardens, located at the beginning of Charlotte Amaile's shopping district.  Throughout the tour, you are provided accurate and informative narrative descriptions of each of the following sites:  Fort Christian, the Legislative Building (formerly known as King's Wharf), Memorial Moravian Church, Roosevelt Park, former Governor's Mansion, 99 Steps, Seven Arches Museum, St. Thomas Synagogue, Market Square, Enid M. Baa Public Library and lots more....  Along the way, we will take a brief stop to provide you an opportunity to enjoy a cool refreshing beverage and take care of any personal needs. At the conclusion of our tour, we'll have fun with a Question and Answer quiz, with prizes given to the most attentive visitor! 

D.  Fabulous Family Beach Tour in St. Thomas



Duration:  1-3 hours

Fee:       $25.00 per person         

This exciting excursion is designed to pick you up and deliver you to the cruise ship dock or your hotel.  St. Thomas is surrounded by “powdered sugar” sand beaches and turquoise crystal blue waters.  The sky will compete with the ocean for color as you spend time basking in the Caribbean sun and relaxing to swaying sounds of the dancing palm trees.  Recommended Beach Options: Magen’s Bay Beach, Secret Harbor Beach, Coki Beach and Sapphire Beach.

E.  Dazzling Day Tour To St. John

Duration:  All Day – Approximately 5 hours

Fee:       $55.00 per person         

This fun-filled day tour is designed to pick you up and deliver you to the cruise ship dock or your hotel.  We will board the 15 minute ferry ride to St. John at the famous Red Hook Dock in St. Thomas.  Upon reaching your destination in downtown St. John Cruz Bay (duty-free shopping),  you and your friendly, courteous Certified Tour Guide will embark on  a thrilling safari ride through the Virgin Island National Park.  This 7000  acre park is consumed by rolling hills, valleys and breath-taking beaches.  Plenty of time is included for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing.  After an exhausting and memorable day in St. John, we will return to St. Thomas by ferry.

F.  Specialty/Custom Designed Tour


We afford you the opportunity to mix and match any of the activities in our itinerary of tour services. Simply describe to our friendly customer service representative how we can accommodate your needs with a customized tour package.

We offer customized tour service, as well as, catering to wedding groups, special events, conferences, private tours, and airport transfers.  We can accommodate any group size!